With the inception of BEE and the need to change the ownership of businesses, OTC (Over-The-Counter) share trading became a reality. 

Along with that reality came a magnitude of administration and governance that most companies – no matter how large – are not equipped to handle.

Combined stock broking and financial technologies expertise, added to a “can-do” attitude and systems developed to process the enormous amount of “paperwork” behind a single trade was the foundation of Equity Express. That knowledge is now employed by a development team who design and deploy multiple trading platforms that meet a spectrum of customer needs.

Your BEE is once empowered, always empowered
Trade in a controlled environment where the issuer sets the rules
Trade anything from pork bellies to carbon credits to loyalty points
Get the knowledge and support of a full service team 24/7

Equity Express is a trading platform with the following key components:

  • Full share registry management tool gives
    the issuer live share
    register data
  • Full document management solution built into share registry offering assisting with Know Your Client (KYC) on-boarding process
  • Our unique Straight Through Processing settlement processes reduces systemic risk and guarantees settlement
  • Web based front end solution with a SQL .Net back end (delete) affording the market operator unprecedented levels of stability with 99.9% uptime
  • Stockbroking interface allowing brokers to place trades and manage commissions
  • Portfolio viewing tool
  • Automated cash receipting and pay away solution
  • Online trading system allowing investors to trade directly on market (Direct Market Access)
  • Proprietary Equities Engine Matching system
  • User customisable integrated sms and email messaging
  • Manage all corporate actions